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Kim Josephson
Metropolitan Opera Baritone


It is my great pleasure to let the world know Michael Trimble is my teacher!  Michael has been my musical mentor for nearly 30 years.  A Bel Canto specialist, he has combined the best of Manuel Garcia's and Giovanni Batista Lamperti's schools of singing to serve the divine art of song.  He has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things vocal and has my complete confidence.  I recommend him without reservation to anyone who is serious about pursuing the ideal vocal technique for a lifetime of singing.


Associate Professor of Voice
University of Oklahoma


Joanna Porackova
International Soprano


I have studied and coached repertoire with Michael Trimble for over 20 years.  Mr. Trimble has a unique ability as a Master Vocal Teacher to combine in his approach an extensive knowledge base of vocal repertoire and history, musicality, body preparation and technique for singing along with a remarkable intuitive understanding of the student's own individual vocal apparatus.  


Michael teaches his students to use healthy yoga postures to develop low chi-centered body preparation that facilitates healthy body-mind interactions.   He prepares students to help themselves before and during performances.  Mr. Trimble also works diligently with each individual student encouraging the study of a variety of repertoire, focusing on that wonderful combination of artistry and musicality with an optimum vocal approach.  This is truly the joy of singing.


Rebecca Copley
Metropolitan Opera Soprano


I am a voice student of Michael Trimble.  Just saying that floods my mind with so many thoughts and memories I find it extremely difficult to write a short essay as it were about this amazing man, teacher, coach, mentor, colleague-friend for 29 years.


My first summer of study with Michael was at the Aspen Music School and Festival in 1982.  It had not been my plan to study with him.  I had been accepted with a full scholarship as long as I had a teacher who would accept me into his/her studio.  So, not knowing which teacher to choose, I decided to audition for one of the women on Aspen's faculty (I had not studied with a woman).  Off I went to sing performances of the Messiah by Handel in Rockford, IL, anticipating my summer adventure in the Rockies.  However, upon returning to New York, I had a letter from Aspen stating that this teacher's studio was full and I would have to find another teacher--or NO scholarship!  Time was of the essence--the Aspen offices were closing at 5pm Friday (I received the letter on Tuesday), and I must have all of this taken care of by that time.  I asked for the names of teachers still accepting students and Michael Trimble's name came up.  Ok, I'll call and ask him for an audition.  The only time he had to meet and hear me was at 2pm Friday afternoon.  "I'll be there," I said.  And, I found out, he lived only a block and a half from my apartment on Riverside Drive.  How handy!


The rest, as they say, is history!  Michael listened to me sing and started working with me. I did not whether or not to run away crying or stay and take it.  I stayed.  And I have continued to stay, soaking in every word this amazing man uttered, whether it be about the approach to singing, breathing, how to do an audition or what to wear or how to chew my raisin bran!  I have a career in singing that has taken me beyond my wildest dreams, to opera houses and concert halls around the world.  Surely the stars were shining the day we met!


Michael gave me the tools--the absolute understanding of how the voice, my voice, works and how to keep it growing, vibrant, alive and healthy.  He drilled into me (including 8 weeks of Tai kwon do... "to find your legs, Becker!") the balance of the breath, inhalation, exhalation, posture, relaxation, conditioning, the total devotion to an understanding of the technique that gives me size and beauty of tone.


He said to me:  "Always sing the dramatic roles lyrically and the lyric roles dramatically."  I developed extended range, flexibility and freedom to express emotion without losing technique.  

Not every singer has the great fortune to find just the right teacher at just the right time.  Michael Trimble is that teacher and I am that singer.  I am grateful, and it has been and continues to be so much fun as well (even when Michael has me sing the Queen of the Night standing on one foot while beating him at ping pong!)


Thank you, Michael


Rebecca Copley


Priscilla Gale


Every time I sang well, Michael, every time I had a triumph, in my heart and to God, I credit you!  I wouldn't have had the life/career I've had if it were not for you, or even the teaching one at present---if it weren't for you!  I love you, Michael and I always have recognized I owe everything to you.  I always thank God every day that you were and still are the tough, strong, brilliant, amazing and insightful teacher you are.  I just hope I'm doing half as good a job inspiring and passing on my life's wisdom (and yours) to future singers/teachers as you gave to all of us. Thanks for being my teacher, my mentor and my vocal dad!


Professor of Voice
Wesleyan University
Middletown, CT


Anne Tormela
Coloratura Soprano


To Michael,

My mentor and friend, who gives divine vocal instruction!
Thank you for giving me a lifetime's worth of extraordinary vocal technique.


Manhattan Lyric Opera
Founder/Artistic Director


Quotes from Michael's Studio:
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