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RE: Michael Trimble, Voice Teacher


I have known Michael Trimble since the beginning of his affiliation with The New School for the Arts in Montclair, New Jersey.  Mr. Trimble was Artistic Director of that organization and developed that program from an enrollment of four voice students to an enrollment of over seventy-five voice students in about two years.  The Executive Director of the school was a friend of mine and I was constantly being told of Mr. Trimble's tireless enthusiasm and exploits in terms of his extensive teaching schedule, his master classes, his rehearsal schedules and his organizing and presenting of over 130 performances over a two year period.  Many of these were teaching performances and were presented in Newark, New Jersey for various school districts and for underprivileged children.


I began taking voice lessons from Mr. Trimble around that time and he has helped me immeasurably with the control of my voice, with my ability to change the colors and inflections of my voice.  He coached me on how to produce the proper Southern accent for the role I played in the film Steel Magnolias.  But most importantly, he helped me to develop true stamina in my voice, which has enabled me to rehearse for endless hours and to perform every day of the week during long runs in live theatre.  I have not had problems of any kind with my voice since beginning my studies with Mr. Trimble and have actually learned to sing cabaret songs and musical comedy repertoire.  It also demonstrates my confidence in Mr. Trimble's abilities, not only as a voice teacher but in his character as a human being, that I sent my daughter, Christina, to study voice with him.


Two of Mr. Trimble's students made their Metropolitan Opera debuts during the past year in lead roles.  Both of these students were young singers whom I knew and heard during their developmental years.  Another of his students made his La Scala debut last year and so the story continues.  I am speaking of things I have seen with my own eyes and heard with my own ears.  


Mr. Trimble has proved to me and to many others over a long period of time that he is a voice teacher of great ability and a human being of great worth.  



Olympia Dukakis

Olympia Dukakis
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