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Georgine Resick, Professor
Department of Music

Dear Sir,

I have been asked to write a recommendation of Michael Trimble, but the word recommendation is inadequate for what I have to say about this man.


I began studying privately with Mr. Trimble in 1977, shortly before beginning my first full-time engagement in a German opera house, and have been his student, colleague, and friend, I like to think, since then.  Quite simply, I don't know of anyone in the world with more knowledge about the voice than he.  He has been a mentor to me and many other very fine professional singers for a very long time.


Michael's instincts about the potential of a given instrument and the capabilities of the singer are frighteningly, potently, on target; and his own ability to draw the best from a student is exhilarating and uncanny.  Quite simply, he is a master teacher, one of those rare beings who can analyse the components of any physical activity and teach it.  (I have seen him have outstanding success teaching baseball pitchers and pianists, for example.)  He is outspokenly committed to growth in any form or discipline.


I agree wholeheartedly with his ideas about the physical and spiritual development necessary for true vocal artistry (particularly his urging students to pursue yoga or the martial arts); this holistic attitude has borne great fruit for me as a singer, and has provided the basis for my own teaching experience.


From my personal perspective, I must say that Michael has never once been wrong about my voice, no matter how outlandish his advice may have seemed at first.  I continue to work with him when I can, and have total faith in the directions in which he leads me and my instrument.


Yours sincerely,

Georgine Resick

University of Notre Dame
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